Corporate Slide Manager

With QuickSlide you can create uniform standards for your presentations:

  • Insert and manage slides and graphics directly in PowerPoint
  • Clear permissions concept ensures process reliability
  • Automatic notification when outdated slides are used
  • Data stays in your company
Clear permissions structure

Precise presentation standards rely on simple and precise areas of responsibility – only then can you keep slide chaos at bay. QuickSlide’s permissions management follows this tried and tested concept.  The result is a central location for all slides and design elements that conform to your standards and are approved for use. Accessible to all users directly in PowerPoint.

  • Current templates and high-quality graphics
  • Approved content
  • Licensed photos
  • User group-specific release (e.g. sales and marketing, finance, technical)
Always up-to-date

By allocating centralized responsibilities you can ensure that only up-to-date slides are available. But QuickSlide can do more.  What about those old slides users already have in their presentations? QuickSlide informs them automatically as soon as a new version is available.



  • Centralized provision of current material
  • Automatic notification of updates
Always just what you’re looking for

You recently saw a really good chart on a particular topic – illustrating a particular application of your product, for example.  If you could only remember where…  QuickSlide helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for.



  • Sort by category
  • Tagging
  • Full-text search across all slides
  • Clear overview of content

Always at hand

On the move? We have developed a practical SyncService for your field and managerial staff. This gives you access to everything you need for your presentation while travelling. Offline as well.

  • During your flight
  • In places with poor mobile reception and low data transfer rates
  • Users select what they’d like to synchronize
  • Background synchronization of all centrally made changes via a Windows service