Modular presentations

Nearly every company has key slides that many members of staff use over and over again in various contexts.  We help you to prepare these according to target groups and make them available as modules in QuickSlide.

  • Company presentation
  • Business model and strategy
  • Product advantages compared  with competitors
  • Relevant trends (technology and market)
  • Customer case studies
Sales presentations

Just how many presentations has your potential client already seen?  And why should he be interested in yours? It’s not easy to attract attention and inspire people these days.  But you can be sure that we’ll come up with something.


PowerPoint masters und style guides

Your website and brochures are professionally designed, but your PowerPoint master is rudimentary in comparison? You’re changing your corporate design? We produce well-crafted professional masters according to your specifications that convey your identity in a coherent fashion.

  • Upgrading to new PowerPoint versions
  • Adapting PowerPoint masters to a new corporate design
  • Redesigning masters, including a PowerPoint style guide
Templates for specific presentation types

There are many recurring occasions, not just the annual shareholders meeting. Some of these follow particular rules, present their own challenges and can easily be illustrated with an appropriate series of slides. Why reinvent the wheel?
Slide sets, e.g. for

  • Kick-off meetings, steering committees, final reports
  • Branch presentations
  • Restructuring reports, due diligence, balance sheet presentations
  • Presentations to the board, such as investment proposals
  • Pitch presentations
Making complex content understandable

It’s a complex field. And your products or services require some explanation.  How can you convey all this in just a few minutes? No matter how complex, we get your message across – to clients, investors or business partners. 

  • Difficult strategic issues
  • Technologies
  • Complex processes