Perfectly prepared

QuickSlide means an end to hour-long searches for particular slides or graphics. It gives you an extensive modular system of easy-to-find, custom-made elements that you can intuitively assemble into professional slides.


  • Slide templates: checklists, strategy concepts, project organization, maps, etc.
  • Waterfall charts, Harvey Balls, icons, images, etc.
  • Your company and product presentations
  • Your own most-used slides
  • Labels such as source, confidential, backup
Tidy up with a few clicks

QuickSlide gives you direct access to all formatting and alignment tools. We have also added lots of intelligent functions of our own that PowerPoint users have been longing for. 

  • Layout grid, as in professional graphics programs
  • Match the height and breadth of different objects
  • Standardize bullet points and text formats
  • Apply corporate design to diagrams with one click
  • Adjust the angle of arrows
Agendas made easy

Outlines and timetables in PowerPoint are a nuisance. No sooner are they finished than sections, slide numbers or timings change and you have to revise each slide. In QuickSlide you can easily change section headings, outline and slide numbers as often as you want, using a convenient Agenda Assistant.

  • Outlines with sections and slide numbers
  • Timetables for workshops and events
One last check

You want your presentation to be perfect before you send it to colleagues, clients or your boss. But time is running out. Will you really find all your own typos, formatting mistakes and left-over comments?  QuickSlide is there to help.

  • Simple language setting for the spell checker
  • Reliable removal of speaker notes
  • Corporate design check
  • Removal of unwanted animations
  • Send your colleagues slides for review directly from PowerPoint