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Slides made simple

Your to-do list just keeps growing. And finishing your slides, including process charts and outline, will take for ever – at least without QuickSlide. With QuickSlide you can assemble your presentation rapidly from custom-made elements and refresh your outline with one click. And get back to No. 1 on your to-do list.

Save time in PowerPoint




Uniform design

Everyone knows that a uniform corporate design strengthens their brand. In theory. In practice, everyone likes to use their favourite colour - just a bit, here and there. Or unlicensed photos from the internet. QuickSlide provides you with suitable graphics and automatically optimizes the design. And everything matches beautifully.

Presentations in your corporate design




Get organized

Guess how many versions of a particular slide are circulating in your company.  Like the one with outdated staff numbers that your new colleague from sales copied out of last year’s company presentation... QuickSlide puts an end to the chaos with its Corporate Slide Manager.

Corporate Slide Manager




Send clearer Messages

You need much more than just great software to produce a convincing presentation. You need the right content, intelligently prepared and sensibly structured. Fortunately, this is also part of our core business. Whether modular sales or decision presentations, or individual graphics, together we fill QuickSlide with the content you need to get things moving.

Intelligently prepared content

QuickSlide runs on your system

QuickSlide is one of a very small number of PowerPoint tools worldwide to have been certified by Microsoft.
It runs safely and reliably in all common environments: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP; Office 2013/2010/2007, locally, on terminal servers, via Citrix.
The only requirements are a COM add-in for PowerPoint and, where necessary, a storage location for central files (usually a file share).
That’s it. And a multilingual user interface is no problem.

Software/licence fees

The net annual licence fees per user are, for example:

  50 users   €135 
100 users   €92

We are happy to prepare an individual quotation based on your planned number of users.
In addition QuickSlide is individually customized for each client.
For this we charge a one-off customization fee, starting from €2,400 net.

Client-specific customization and setup

QuickSlide is individually customized for each client.

Customization from EUR 1,500 net:

Together with your IT, we check your system requirements and prepare the roll-out. In addition, we incorporate your PowerPoint master, adjust the Agenda Assistant to your corporate design and adapt other functions to your design. This provides you with an individualized, fully functional basic version.

Further modules as required:

You decide what else you would like to provide for your colleagues in QuickSlide. For example, a modular system of elements including process visualizations, strategy charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations, etc., specifically developed for your company. Together with the Corporate Slide Manager and Corporate Design Check. And more. We are happy to discuss all the various possibilities with you.

Our Clients

Here are some of our clients:  from freelancers to global leaders.

Arrange an online demo

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Without obligation. How long this takes is up to you.
As a rule, about 45 minutes.


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