Finished in no time - and everything matches

You’re wondering how to best present particular information? Not sure which graphical representation to use? In the QuickSlide modular system you can find ready-made elements



  • Slide templates in your design: tables, process diagrams, organigrams, maps, checklists, project management charts, etc.
  • Icons, flags, Harvey Balls, traffic lights
  • All diagrams in corporate design
  • Your licensed photos
  • Fix-positioned footnotes, sources, stickers
Correct from the start, easily updated

QuickSlide fine-tunes PowerPoint according to your design specifications so that layouts and formatting are automatically correct. Everything matches, company-wide. Compiling presentations from various colleagues’ slides, or switching to a new corporate design are no longer daunting tasks.

  • Automatic bullet-point formatting
  • Automatic diagram formatting
  • Colour selection limited to corporate colours
  • Rapid alignment to the corporate layout grid
  • Automatic generation of agendas in corporate design
The final step – Corporate Design Check

Just to be on the safe side, we have added a Corporate Design Check: it reliably finds all the places where the wrong colours or fonts have been used, where elements have accidentally been displaced, and much more.

Checking and correction of

  • Fonts and text format
  • Bullet and indent formats
  • Fill and line colours
  • Line styles and weights
  • Arrangement of all elements on the slides (grid)
  • Slide titles
  • etc.