The ‘Business Presentations 2017 – Practice, Efficiency and Success’ international study launched by Strategy Compass came to a close in November. With over 500 participants from German and American companies, it represents a cross-section of thinkers, predominantly managers, from companies with more than 1,000 staff.

eLearning Africa

For the last 3 years, we at Strategy Compass have been supporting EAST, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing education, health and entrepreneurship in Africa. At the heart of its activities is the annual “eLearning Africa” conference, which brings together people from all over Africa (and beyond) who can and want to bring about change.


Let’s be honest: What communication, marketing or advertising agency is inspired by PowerPoint masters or slide templates? The focus, after all, is on completely different, meatier issues such as communication concept, brand, media mix, websites and campaigns.

Corporate Design in PowerPoint

The time has come. A new corporate design has been created. Your brand is refreshing itself and taking the next step towards a successful future. It’s time for a new outfit, for elegant haute couture. The project is going well, and management is happy. Until… you guessed it, staff become outraged after suddenly discovering they need to rework all existing presentations in order to transfer them to the new master.

Corporate Design scheitert

In a recent blog post we described how important presentations are in anchoring a brand in employees’ hearts and minds. A little while ago I had an interesting conversation with the head of communications at a not-so-small business.

Embed fonts in PowerPoint

Sometimes one just has to add an ‘NA’. NA? Not applicable? Not quite. Do you remember WYSIWYG ‒ what you see is what you get? When creating a presentation on your PC you can immediately see what it looks like. Yet the whole thing can look completely different when you open your presentation on a different PC. Because then a WYSIWYG quickly becomes a WYSINAWYG ... namely “What you see is not always what you get”.

Action Title - Get to the point

Heard of Nicolas Boileau? Don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s just remarkable that this 17th century French author made an observation that provides the key to a good PowerPoint slide title: ‘What is well conceived well is clearly expressed’. Clear, well-phrased titles attune your audience to the content and purpose of each slide, providing rapid orientation and keeping them focused on your presentation. And there’s a useful side effect: when you’re done, you really do know what you want to say!

Beware of photo stock pitfalls

The use of pictures in presentations can be extremely helpful. They can support and enhance content. They can convey messages instantly. They can make a presentation more interesting and provide visual orientation. But it is sometimes not so easy to find an appropriate image. And if it is found there are all the legal aspects. What is permitted? What is not? As you can see, the issue is complex.

Concluding a presentation – The End is a new beginning

There will always be that last slide. You’ve given your presentation, taken a deep breath. It’s over. Or is it? In many cases it isn’t really. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to a discussion of ‘the very last slide’.